Hotels are one of the most common targets of online credit card fraudsters. One of their modus operandi is to book an expensive room and subsequently cancel the booking. Since the credit card does not belong to them, refunding the amount in the credit card that was used does not yield any monetary rewards to the fraudsters. In order to profit from the fraudulent transaction, they request the hotel to refund the amount to an e-wallet or through other untraceable methods.

How ePayAlert can help

To address this kind of scenario, the parameters that ePayAlert constantly checks are:

  • Historical Negative Record Checking - the system can check the historical transaction data to block any card or IP address with negative records
  • Blacklist Control – checks whether the transaction came from a blacklisted card number, card bin, IP address, or email
  • Transaction Limit Checking – sets a daily/weekly/monthly processing limit in order to prevent abnormal buying behavior
  • Customizable Rules - ePayAlert can be customized in order to include new rules based on a clients specification

Key Benefits of ePayAlert

  • Prevent fraud with our comprehensive fraud management tools that can be customized to optimize detection and prevention rate
  • Increase revenue by reducing lost sales due to fraud, blocked sales to potential and genuine customers, turning away cross-border transactions coming from high risk countries, and losing repeat transactions
  • Protect reputation by minimizing risk due to customer complaints of fraudulent usage of their credit cards
  • Save time by minimizing the time spent responding to customer complaints, processing documents for disputes, and manual review of potential fraudulent transactions
  • Reduce costs on chargebacks and re-presentation fees and additional staff hiring for manual review for high volume transactions
  • Local customer support by having our representatives just a phone call away in your location

Contact us to start fighting online fraud or you can download our factsheet to know more about ePayAlert.