Banks and PSPs

Merchants are continuously looking for tools to better protect their business from the damages brought about by fraud. For banks and payment service processors, it is an opportunity to take the initiative to offer ePayAlert to your clients and merchants. Integration of our services is fast allowing more time protecting customers . ePayAlert can also be easily customized to address the needs of your merchants and clients in different industries.

How ePayAlert can help

Banks and payment service processors serve clients from diverse industries. Each client is unique and faces different challenges in managing online fraud in their business. The key features that would help your clients are:

  • Blacklist Control – checks whether the transaction came from a blacklisted card number, card bin, IP address, or email
  • Velocity Checking - the system can evaluate and assess suspicious transactions exhibiting abnormal buying behavior
  • Risk Scoring – each risk parameters can be assigned a customized weight level in order to give more importance to risk parameters to counter certain fraud patterns more prevalent in an industry
  • Customizable Rules - ePayAlert can be customized in order to include new rules based on a clients specification

Key Benefits to Banks and PSPs

  • Mitigate risks by adding an extra layer of security that protects your organization, merchants, and customers from fraudulent transactions online.
  • Provide value-added service to your current merchant clients who are engaging in ecommerce and to OTC merchants who wish to add an ecommerce component to their business.
  • Acquire more clients by having the capability to offer a fraud monitoring and prevention system that is increasingly becoming a pre-requisite of merchants who engages in ecommerce.
  • Increase your reputation in the areas of stability, trustworthiness, and being client-centric by offering a service that adds value to your clients.

To know more on how ePayAlert can add value to your clients, you can contact us here or you can download our factsheet to know more about ePayAlert.