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Our comprehensive online fraud and risk management solution fulfills the needs of companies who requires fraud detection and monitoring platform to protect their business from fraudsters across the globe

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The Cost of Fraud

Fraud is a serious threat to businesses all over the world. It has been costing companies billions of dollars each year not only on finances but affects operations and corporate reputation as well. ePayAlert helps protects your business from the damages brought by online fraud for as low as $80 a month and $0.12 per transaction.

Revenue Cost Opportunity Cost Reputational Costs Time Cost
  • Loss sales
  • Disputes and chargebacks
  • Re-presentation fees
  • Loss of potential repeat sales
  • Customers' fear of buying online
  • Fear of accepting international orders
  • Potentially damage a company's reputation due to social media
  • Possibility to be labeled as "unsecure" company
  • Buyer's hesitation to conduct business with your company
  • Fire fighting and addressing social media concerns
  • Preparing documents for chargebacks and disputes
  • Unnecessary time wasted for manual review