ePayAlert - Online Fraud Management System

ePayAlert is a real-time comprehensive risk and monitoring management system that can help detect and prevent online fraud. It significantly optimizes your fraud management operations by gathering more data about your incoming payment transactions and processes them automatically online and in real-time, thereby minimizing the process of manual review and associated risks.

Product Features

  • Flexible policy management tailored to different business requirements
  • Customizable rules and additional parameters can be added upon request
  • Real time risk alert by email and extendable to SMS
  • Online and real-time detailed reports and statistics can be downloaded for in-depth analysis
  • Supports hosted model and total solution model for implementation
  • Easily implemented web based integrated solution service
  • Powerful web control panel with multi-lingual support

ePayAlert Risk Profile Controls

ePayAlert processes and checks each online payment transaction with extensive risk parameters in order to detect and prevent online fraud. Different parameters are utilized in order to analyze a wide range of fraud patterns.

  • Parameter Format Checking - system will assess the customer information such as email address and contact phone number and checks the database for discrepancies
  • Blacklist Control – checks whether the transaction came from a blacklisted card number, card bin, IP address, or email
  • Geographical Checking – identifies the origin of the transaction via its IP address and checks if it's consistent with the provided information
  • Velocity Checking - the system can evaluate and assess suspicious transactions exhibiting abnormal buying behavior
  • Transaction Limit Checking – sets a daily/weekly/monthly processing limit in order to prevent abnormal buying behavior
  • Historical Negative Record Checking - the system can check the historical transaction data to block any card or IP address with negative records
  • Risk Scoring – each risk parameters can be assigned a customized weight level in order to give more importance to risk parameters to counter certain fraud patterns more prevalent in an industry

ePayAlert Service Features

Standard Enterprise Corporate
1 Access to Decision Console
2 Monthly max. transaction 10,000 200,000 Unlimited
3 Testing facilities and support  
4 Customized rule service support (at extra cost)  
5 Service      
  Hotline support
Dedicated Account Manager  
6 Support      
  Office hours: email and hotline
  Off hours: 7 x 24 emergency support    
7 Transaction Fee